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We provide chemicals and bioproducts on pharmaceutical globally.

We are a chemical and biotech company founded by Ph.D. holders in the field. We are committed to providing high-quality drug intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to the global pharmaceutical industry.

With 15 years of experience in international trade, we offer comprehensive services to our clients, including product R&D, production, quality control, and logistics. Our products are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the areas of cardiovascular, anti-convulsant, and anti-depressant and so on.

Our R&D team has extensive experience and professional knowledge, providing clients with the latest technology and solutions. Our production processes are advanced, and our product quality is stable and reliable, meeting international standards. Our quality control system is strict, ensuring that every batch of products meets our clients’ requirements and expectations.

We are committed to providing the best products and services to our clients, building long-term partnerships and contributing to the global health industry.

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Edoxaban 480449-70-5

Peramivir 1041434-82-5


(R)-N-(2-(Benzyloxy)-5-(2-bromo-1-hydroxyethyl)phenyl)formamide (201677-59-0)

6,6-DiMethyl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane Boceprevir Key interMediate (943516-54-9)


Fetal Bovine Serum

Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP)

Apolipoprotein E

Plant extracts

Ginkgo Terpene Lactones

Ginkgo Flavone Glycoides

Green Tea Polyphenols

Equipment sets solutions

Reaction containers
Vacuum pumps
High-low temperature integrated machines
Refrigeration machines
Storage tanks
Filter elements

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Introduction of Fluorine
Chiral Synthesis & Selective Conversion
Cycloaddition (Diels-Alder)
Heterocycle Formation & Reaction
Diazotization (Sandmeyer reaction)
Hydrogenation Reaction
Oxidation Reaction
Carbonylation Reaction


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Intermediate Fine Chemicals Edoxaban from Gland

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